Monday, August 27

...hati ini...

..dont know how do i feel rite now..huhu..sad maybe..yeah..that saturday, i meet her at last! walaupun agak terkejut coz never been told bout okla.. :P donno wat to do..just pretending that i'm ok..hmm.. i hate this feelings..eeiiii..tak sukela,nape rase cm tak sukeeeeeeeeee...benci! actually i'm ok wif that but i just..well..its 'girl thing'.
tp bosannye nk kene tunggu lame..dahla org tak kenal sape2..bolela, main ngan adik2 n kucing..huhu..but then tak suke kene tinggal org bodo jek rasenyee...tapela, feel sorry to 'him'..even i feel bad but i need to be ok for 'him'..i'm so sorry, i try to be hepy but sometimes i can't..sorry..
maybe..i just let it be as wat it be..coz i donno how to understand it..huhu..apela yg aku merepek ni.. :P anyway i'll try coz i love 'him'!
as one of my companion says "man's heart is not easy to be understand but actually if there is compromise that moves us along we can go through all the don't try to understand man's heart but try to live in compromise with them"

Wednesday, August 8

...That's When I LUV You...

...i'm here..all alone..thinking of somethin'...i'm bored actually...huhuhu..owhh,i miss him so much!! i'm listening to this song..i like it! yeahh..its true i think..'That's when I Love you'..dedicated to him..hmmm...

when u have to look away..when u don't have much to say..
that's when I love u..
I love u just that way...
to here u stumble when u speak..or see u walk with two left feet..
that's when I love you..
I love u endlessly...
and when your mad cause u lost the game..forget I'm waiting..
baby I love u..
I love u anyway...
cause here's my promise made tonight..U can count on me 4 life..
cause that's when I love u..when nothing u do can change my mind..
the more I learn the more I love..the more my heart can't get enough..
that's when I love u..when I love u

no matter what...
so when u turn to hide your eyes..cause the movie it made u cry..
that's when I love u..
I love u..a little more each time..
and when u cant quite match you clothes..or when u laugh at your own jokes..
that's when I love u I love u..more then u know..
and when u forgot that we had a date..or that look that u give when u show up late..
Baby I love u ,I love u anyway...
that's when I love u when nothing baby..nothing u do could change my mind..
the more I learn.. the more I love.. the more my heart can't get enough..

that's when I love u..when I love u..
no matter what...

May all da blessing with us..thanks for be my love..always there for me..ur love..ur kindness..i'm really appreciate it..wish our dream come true..InsyaAllah.. :)