Monday, May 26

..Kak Ita's Wedding..

..last weekend..byk betul kenduri kawin..musim kenduri agaknya..hehe..apepun congrates to kak ita n abg shahril..we all doakan kekal bahagia hingga keakhir hayat..aminn..
..seronok dpt jln2..kat shah alam stay kat umah kak fai n abg apis..then blk alor star..hmm..sayang kak fai n family tak dpt join..sian anas..apepun hope anas cepat sembuh tau..nnt bole main ngan aunty lg ye anas.. :D
..again..for both pengantin..wish you happy always..daa~

pics from da wedd..nice color! ;)

~ OuR HoliDaY ~

..Our 1st HoNeyMoooon... :)

WE is everything to me..
WE is all I dream to be..
it's every breath..
its why I breathe..
it gives me sight..
its all I see..
WE is
WE take life and make it WOW
WE is all I dream to be..
Thanks for being WE with me..
I LoVe YOU..

to my dear hubby..thanks for ur love..ur care..ur understanding..
and thank you for the beautiful gift of ur LOVE..