Friday, April 9

Having a Baby....Korea vs Malaysia o_o


ohhhh...which one is the best? this matter make me think a lot...huhu..mari kita berfikir dan membuat decision yg tepat..ohhhhooooi :D

so far we (me n hubby) dah buat survey skit2 la psl this pregnancy n maternity things..bla bla my previous entry we do have problem with the language here..ckp mcm ayam n itik..hihi :P

and some information that make me thinking..mane satu lagi bagus ye..hmmmm..

1) At the hospital

- Episiotomies are commonly performed in Korea.If you don't want this procedure you may have to push hard to convince the doctor to adhere to ur wishes. (wat make me think, kalo dah sakit2 tu tetiba doc tu wat decision sendiri je..dh la bhs sukar difahami kan..hihi :P)

- A high percentage of deliveries here are by Ceasarean section (C-section) (coz people here kalo bole takmo rase sakit trus ceasar aje..hmmm)

- noted : You may need to be assertive and firm to ensure that ur needs and desires are heard and met. If not medical staff are going to follow their standard operating procedures which may not be what u want ( for example Episiotomies or C-section deliveries).

2) Cost

bila ckp psl cost ni..fuhhhh! mmg buat byk kali berfikir..haha..

- if Vaginal Delivery (normal delivery) the cost will be W 7,088,000 (includes pregnancy care) also equal to RM 20,253

- if C-section plak W 10,960,000 equal to RM 31,317
but if you have National Health Insurance the costs will be lower..(dgn syarat we must pay every month n can't be eliminated until we leave Korea...huhu..ada baik n buruk la)

3) Cultural Differences

- Sanitary practises and privacy are different than may be expected from Western Hospital. There is often very little privacy even in the higher end private hospitals.

- Medical professionals are not used to taking instructions from the 'patient'. It is not normal practice here to explain what is going to happen or to answer questions.

what do I understand that they just doing their job and they are not trying to give u a hard time...just that it different from our culture..especially kita org melayu yg penuh adat..hihi :D

so saya n cik hubby perlu buat keputusan yang tepat n yg pasti terbaik utk semua..especially my little baby n me also! :D

bincang punye bincang...bla bla bla...Korea or Malaysia itself ada baik juga buruknya..

kalo Korea..costly (in terms of delivery payment) also other things (pantang..bla bla bla..makanan n mcm2 la) dah kalo kat negara org mmg la sume tak sama kan..haha..

kalo M'sia pulak..costly jgk in terms of ticket flight,coz mayb my hubby tak bole nk stay have to fly pegi balik byk kali..huhu..

delivery payment of course much more lower coz got insurance n cost kat m'sia jauh lbh murah la... :P

yg lain plak..for sure tempat tumpah darahku lbh byk kebaikkannya..well u know! :D

jadiii....apekah pilihan muktamad ye?? wait n seeeee...ohohooooiii >_<>