Tuesday, April 6

Check up :D

last weekend I went to check-up for my pregnancy...actually it was the first time since i've been in Korea...thanks to Taufiq coz willing to accompany us..well u know, if not its hard for us to understand..Korean! hihihi :P

so..we went to this hospital.. Hanmaeum ( Obstetrics & Gynecology Specialist)...for the first timer of course its was really difficult for us n also them to understand each other (mcm ayam itik pon ade :P)
its hard coz they didn't speak english..fuhhhh! still remember their words..." hangul? "
(hangul means korean language like bahasa malaysia) :D
luckly taufiq is there..even only a few words..hehe

same goes to the doctor..can speak only a few words in english of course..but its better then never! hahaha..
what ever, i'm happy coz we saw our baby...can hear my baby heart beat..and most important thing my little precious is healthy and normal! :D

andddd....surprisingly our baby did show da tut tutttt...hehehe...but i think i will tell u later..for now..biarla rahsiaaaa.. :P

i like the check-up book..its cute..and we can put our baby picture..so we can see baby development for every month till birth..cool haaa :D

check-up book :D

our little precious! can u see? hehe :)


..:hana:.. said...

ahh..happy ny baca entry nih!!! happy for both of u kak! take a good care tau kt sane! wweeee~

congratz kak and abg fiq!!!

ShAriFaH MaiSaRaH SyeD BaHaruDDin said...

hana!! tq..hehe.doakan kami sihat ye kt sini..akk pon tgh plan2 nk blk sane kot deliver..tgh pk2 lg ni..hehe...

u tk gud care too dear! ^_^

Anonymous said...

umi menghitunghari menunggu kepulangan kak and abang.umi tak sabar melihat wajah kak yg berwajah baru mengusung perut.ape2 pun umi mendoakan yg terbaik utk anakanda berdua.salam rindu dari umi,abah,adikna.

ShAriFaH MaiSaRaH SyeD BaHaruDDin said...

kakak pon rindu semua! luv u all! :D