Tuesday, January 8

..BeSt GaTheRinG..heppyyy.. ^_^

..nice weekend..best gathering...last saturday was really our great moment..enjoy that moment wif u guys..hehe..thanks to abg apiss n kak fai (also sweety baby anas) yang sudi tumpangkn kami..kak ieta n abg shahril..kak zai n abg wan..kak fatz..kak wani..not forgotten my luvly sayang..thanks sumerr..having great time yeah! ^_^
..before ke almanda..mkn2 kat iranian cafe..cantik tmpt tu..tp ape ntah yg kiteorg mkn..haha..kerak nasik pon boleee.. =p yang bestnye dpt amik pic anas yg sgt comeyyy...then gerak to almanda la..main bowling..gelak2..share cite..really fun..sian anas..terpakse ikut auntiesss n unclessss yg kecoh2..hehe..apepun hope we can gather again soon.. :)

well..after ni dh tak dpt update blog..coz i'm going back..yoshh..finally..hope everything is going well..dh bole grad..yeayy..hihi..
need to settle a lot of things..wish my dream come true..harapnya sume berjalan dengan baik...for my 'big day'...insyAllah.. ^_^

..me n my sayang.. ^_^

..wif baby anas yg comey!

..he's so cute.. :)

..pic of baby anas..

..hepy holiday to all..daaa ;)


Ad- said...

nice entry

cute baby
and lovely couple pics there i can see~

great life guys!
looking foward for your big day pics / entry~


Anonymous said...

Alallala...comelnyer..akak kawin cepat2..nanti dapat baby mesti cute..eheehe...akak xjemput saya erkk..?insk8x...!!!!!