Tuesday, July 3

...oNe Litre oF Tears...

...A story about life...it's touching me...one litre of tears...one girl..trying harder to live..her courage..her spirit..very inspiring...her little diary says.. 'I won't be greedy, impatient, I won't give up..because everyone takes things step by step'

Life, journey and love...
on the other shore of sadness..
it is said that there is a smile..
finally we arrived..
but what are we waiting for..
the purpose is not to run away..
its to chase after dreams..
we should have gone out to have..
on that summer day so long ago..
even tomorrow if you see it..
though there isn't a sign either..
like a ship going against the current flow..
right now..go forward..move ahead..
even if it cuts through the rain and clouds..
the wet roads shine..
only the dark will teach..
a stronger and stronger light..
be strong.. so forward move ahead...

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